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When we launched SATELLITE BERLIN in the summer of 2014, we gave a concrete form to our vision of an internationally active, genre and boundary-transcending, mobile cultural hub.

We created a neutral, moveable and flexible platform from which the natural and cultural sciences in conjunction with the visual arts, each with their different approaches, can become productive in research, debate and exchange. In doing so, the underlying impulse is triggering collectively developed thoughts about cultural and social developments.

In our first year, 2015, our activities took place in a specific space within the Spreefeld, an innovative architectural project in Berlin Mitte. We held 8 exhibitions accompanied by publications, and 11 events in form of panel discussions, workshops, dinners and other projects.

To our delight, several enthusiastic partners and sponsors affiliated: the Max-Planck-Institute for Human Development in Berlin, the Cognovo and Transtechnology Research Programs of Plymouth University, the Schering Foundation, the Leinemann Foundation for education and arts, as well as international renowned artists, scientists and curators. The press follows our activities with interest.

At of the start of SATELLITE BERLIN, we promised to keep our format of appearance pliable. Keeping this promise, we are now introducing a new phase.

Starting April 2016: SATELLITE BERLIN - Art in Collaboration will direct its energies increased on project development and events. During this phase, we will transfer partly into the virtual. Our upcoming event program will partly be held at the Spreefeld event spaces. This, as well as other projects and modules, will be announced during an event in September 2016.

In addition, our pool of artists and other agile thinkers, and the team of directors will change. Notably, after her intensive efforts at SATELLITE BERLIN, Rebeccah Blum will be leaving and turning her energy toward new tasks.

As a transdisciplinary network, SATELLITE BERLIN continues to develop, execute and mediate ideas adding to the cultural enrichment of our society.

Info will be published on Web and Facebook.